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I. Scope of application

The Rewards Plus Card, gives you, your family, friends and colleagues the opportunity to get even better deals from AFG Vietnam.

The Rewards Plus Card applies in all restaurants with the Al Fresco’s Group-Vietnam (AFG Vietnam) and is managed and executed by AFG Viet Nam.

By participating in the Rewards Plus Card program, customers acknowledge that they have read, understood and agree to the program's policies, which are published publicly on the website and will be updated from time to time.

II. Rights and obligations

AFG Vietnam may use the information provided by customers and all data related to ordering and visiting histories at AFG Vietnam restaurants to execute the marketing plans and activities. All customer data is secure and will NOT BE passed on to any third party for marketing or any other purposes.

AFG Vietnam reserves the right to request Rewards Plus cardholders to provide information and/or present valid personal papers before redeeming points and/or receiving privileges in some cases.

AFG Vietnam is exempt from liability in the following cases:

 - Data processing systems, software, signal transmission systems are malfunctioning, corrupted, attacked or for any other objective reason that is beyond the control of AFG Vietnam.

 - When the Rewards Plus Card is taken advantage of in case of card theft/loss/disclosure of account information, and the cardholder has not promptly notified AFG Vietnam.

AFG Vietnam reserves the right to refuse to provide, cancel, reclaim or withdraw the incentives and/or points in an account which has been, or may be received under the promotion, without prior notice to the cardholder in the following cases:

 - Points earned when there are inaccuracies or invalid to the account, as prescribed by the program.

 - Cardholders violate regulations of preferential programs/policies notified by AFG Vietnam, from time to time.

 - In case of force majeure as prescribed by law.

Rewards Plus cardholders have access to look up personal information and points history of their account/s through AFG Vietnam websites and applications.

When contact information (phone number, email, ...) of the cardholder changes from the registered information, the Cardholder is obliged to contact Customer Service via email:  rewardsplus@afg.vn or contact the restaurant directly to update their information.

III. Points: Earn and use:

1. Conditions to earn (accumulate) points:

Customers must show or inform outlet staff, that they have a Rewards Plus Card before the payment process. Customers need to notify staff when ordering take away, or during phone discussion for delivery.

The Rewards Plus Card can be used to earn points at any restaurant of AFG Vietnam, including all 06 brands: Al Frescos, Jaspas, Pepperonis, Papa Joes, Hot n Tasty, Jacksons Steakhouse in Vietnam.

For every 100.000 VND (One hundred thousand Vietnam Dong) when a customer pays their bill when dining at a restaurant, ordering take away or delivery orders, they will earn 01 point.

Cardholders can use points in their account after 12 hours of accumulation.

Points are valid on a 364-day rolling cycle. If points are not used within the time frame, they will expire and not available for redemption after 364 days.

2. Conditions of Redeem points

Points redemption:



Quantity of points able to redeem

Discount value for next bill


Al Frescos

30 points

300.000 VNĐ/30 points



30 points

300.000 VNĐ/30 points



20 points

200.000 VNĐ/20 points


Papa Joes

10 points

100.000 VNĐ/10 points


Hot n Tasty

30 points a

300.000 VNĐ/30 points



50 points a

500.000 VNĐ/50 points


Cardholders CAN ONLY redeem points at the Brand they earn the points in.

Points are NOT transferrable across different Brands.

Rewards Plus Points accumulated in the Rewards Plus cardholder's account shall be used as a payment towards the total bill value.  Rewards Plus Points cannot be exchanged for cash, gifts, inheritance or be transferred.

Cardholders MUST show the Rewards Plus Card to redeem points. Therefore, cardholders can only redeem points when dining at a restaurant or placing take away orders.

Cardholders CANNOT redeem collected points for any bill which has a discount or promotion at the restaurant.

Customers CANNOT Redeem points on National or Public Holidays.

3. Other conditions:

In cases where the Rewards Plus Card is lost or damaged, customers need to contact the staff of the restaurant that issued their original Rewards Plus card. Cardholders’ account information, points are secure and will not be deleted when issuing a replacement card.

Any changes related to the Rewards Plus Card Program will be communicated to all restaurants, posted on the www.rewardsplus.vn and sent via email to all cardholders.

Once customers register for The Rewards Plus Card, AFG Vietnam has the right to send and update promotions, benefits, special deals or events to customers via phone calls, EMS, or SMS.

IV. Termination of Rewards Plus cardholder rights.

- When a cardholder sends a termination request to Client Services Department

- Cardholders intentionally use the program's regulations incorrectly.

- Cardholders are not eligible to maintain the card rank according to the program's regulations.

- Termination under other circumstances as prescribed by the program.